Adelaide 500 Split Rhythm

A world first event that divides Australia’s best pro-riders for cash, prizes and Split Rhythm fame.

Owlpine Group was given free reign by the Adelaide 500 team and South Australian Government to establish an event which would separate itself from all other events around the globe.

After numerous amounts of coffees, our team of creatives developed the Split Rhythm concept with the goal of attracting a new, younger, GenY audience to the Adelaide 500 event.

Owlpine Group worked with one of Australia’s top track builders, Malcolm Cash, to give the riders and fans an experience they would not forget.

Owlpine Group’s Split Rhythm team, led by Dave Ellis, built the track in just over 10 days in preparation for the event.

The Split Rhythm track was developed for a two-rider head to head race which consists of a left and right mirrored lanes, giving each rider an equal opportunity of taking home a chunk of the $30,000 pool of sweet cash.

Owlpine Group worked with the South Australian Government to design, develop and present the event to 300,000 attendees. This is no simple task. The site transforms over time into different layers; design, recruitment, safety protocols, construction, testing, practice, racing and content output.

Developing a world first event isn’t all we do at Owlpine Group (cough) we sought and connected many valued partners to create the event, including the South Australian Government, New Holland Agriculture, Monster Energy, Fox, Michelin Tyres, Blundstone, and Penrite Oil, to bring the Split Rhythm project to life and give their companies and experience they would never forget.

Fans were constantly kept up to date through the Split Rhythm Instagram & Facebook, as well as features on the Adelaide 500 Pages.

We captured key still and moving images from each session and race which was posted to the dedicated social media channels, the information within each post included results, event updates, rider updates, sponsor mentions and time schedules. The licensed files for the event became immediately available for all riders, event partners and mainstream media outlets to be utilised.

With just under 300,000 event attendees streaming through the gates, the Split Rhythm event was labeled as a must see and one of the forefronts of new and exciting entertainment on display at the Supercars Championship Round.

Alongside the South Australian Government, we’re continuing to bring the best 2-wheel events to an entire motorsport community that are hungry for more.

Owlpine Group combine the end-to-end capabilities of a large scale agency with the attitude and approach of a nimble independent.

This was fun, thank you to the South Australian Government for trusting us to bring this amazing event to life.