BFGoodrich Celebrate 150 Years

As our mates at BFGoodrich celebrated 150 years in 2020, they wanted to ask their audience… What are you building for?

Following the success of the Escape with Us Campaign we produced for BFG, they brought us back on board to create their headline Campaign for their 150 Years Celebration.

With the tagline that everything has changed, yet nothing is different, Owlpine Group created a concept of tying together their global archival footage with some new footage with current ambassadors and products. 

After delving through thousands of hours of footage and images, we created a Storyboard for the overarching 1:30 Campaign Video and the 0:60 versions for their 5 Target Audiences: 4X4, Transport, Road Cars, Heritage Cars & SXS.

Working with the Ambassadors and Customers for the clip, we travelled around the country capturing footage and stills to produce the campaign, and it looks pretty damn good if we do say so ourselves.

Owlpine Group combine the end-to-end capabilities of a large scale agency with the attitude and approach of a nimble independent.

Thank you BFGoodrich for letting us celebrate 150 Years of success with you.