Can-Am’s Just Down The Road

Earlier in 2020 we embarked on a week-long project with our mates at BRP for Can-Am Off-Road Australia with Ambassador Toby Price to showcase what’s on offer for recreational riders in their own backyard!

More than just an Aussie saying, “Just Down the Road” is a display of what our great country has to offer, right on our doorstep.

In Australia it doesn’t end at a fence line, we’re blessed with a backyard spanning more than seven million square kilometres, comprising every single conceivable landscape.

Can-Am Off-Road wanted to show Australian’s that you can go just down the road to reach your local Recreational Park and that a fun-filled weekend on four-wheels really isn’t that far away… and we did just that.

The silver lining to this project is that Australian’s were crying out for our support as they recover from not only the effects of the pandemic, but droughts, fires, floods and everything in between.

The full Campaign was premiered on selected channels for 24-hours time and then rolled out over the following weeks, with an 8-minute episode dropping each Monday night on the Can-Am Off-Road Facebook Page & Global YouTube Channel. 

As well as shooting and editing the full Campaign & Photography, created the branding for the campaign, recruited the Talent, compiled low-fi digital social assets and even transported the Can-Am Maverick X3 from Gold Coast to Sydney and back!

Owlpine Group also manage BRP Australia’s Social Media Channels and we made sure that the Campaign wasn’t one to be scrolled past. 

Owlpine Group combine the end-to-end capabilities of a large scale agency with the attitude and approach of a nimble independent.

Thank you BRP for trusting our team to bring this campaign this to life!