Global Jet International tapped Owlpine Group to re-shape their branding and UX experience online, to make flying more captivating than ever before.

For the highly competitive aviation industry, a digital presence is everything in order to keep a business flying above the rest. That’s why Global Jet International came to us, we had all the bells and whistles to take them further than ever before. 

In order for Owlpine Group to bring this project to life, we dove straight into the deep end, finding out everything we needed to know about Global Jet International.

From interviews to calls, to emails and google doc collaborations, we got to know the whole kit and caboodle that made up their aviation show. And with limited photo and video content in the bank, we made it our mission to capture content that would make every draw drop. 

Once the information was in and the content at bay, the challenge was to create a unique website interface that was simple yet unforgettable.

Designing a website like this is no easy feat, but who were we to say we weren’t up for the challenge. Filled with stunning video content throughout each page, with information laid for easy reading, we knew we had created something special. 

Another major part of the project was the branding of Global Jet International. From sixteen concepts initially, to just one at the end, Owlpine Group showed truly how strategic thinking, research collaboration and working closely with our client is truly done.

Global Jet International had a brand new look, one that would take them to infinity and beyond. 

Owlpine Group combine the end-to-end capabilities of a large scale agency with the attitude and approach of a nimble independent.

Thank you to Mick and the entire Global Jet International Team for trusting our team to bring this to life!