The best partnerships for our clients are genuine ones and that couldn’t be more accurate for Jack Miller and Quad Lock.

“I’m stoked to have the support of an Australian brand like Quad Lock. Funnily enough I’ve been using Quad Lock products for years on almost everything I could mount my phone to including my bicycle, mountain bike, in my machines and even my boat! As people might be aware it is rare for me to align with brands, it’s something I genuinely only really do if the business and products are the right fit for me and in this case Quad Lock is a great partnership.”

A long time user of the product, Jack Miller has had his Quad Lock case and mounts installed across a variety of items for as long as we’ve known him.

We’re looking forward to a great homegrown partnership between the two Aussies!


Thoughts and insights from the team at Owlpine Group.