Owlpine Group continues growth within Action Sports as it expands its footprint into the United States

Owlpine Group, a leader in action sports marketing and representation, proudly announces its expansion into the United States, marking a significant step in the company’s global growth strategy.

Originating from the Gold Coast in 2013, the agency has evolved from its roots in competitive sports and marketing to become a powerhouse, representing elite talent and premier brands worldwide. This expansion sees the creation of Owlpine Group LLC, in alignment with stakeholders’ visions and objectives, enhancing the company’s international presence. 

In 2024, Owlpine Group’s venture into the US market represents a strategic move to tap into the heartland of action sports. 

This development is spearheaded by founder Matty Macalpine, who views this expansion as a pivotal moment in the company’s history. 

“Establishing our presence in the United States marks a thrilling and crucial milestone for Owlpine Group. It signifies our commitment to supporting the finest talent and brands globally with our unparalleled services. 

The Owlpine Group team and I look forward to serving our current and future clients with our proven world-class services, surpassing our larger-scale competitors,” commented Macalpine. 

The leadership team of Owlpine Group LLC is bolstered by the addition of co-owners Ainslie McCormick and Steve Shearer, both of whom bring a vast array of experience and industry knowledge. 

McCormick is recognized for her operational expertise and diverse skills, poised to propel the company and its clients to new heights. Shearer, with over a decade of experience in the US, is renowned for his ability to forge significant connections within the industry. 

The company’s US operations kick off with the inclusion of notable athletes Tyler Bereman and Vicki Golden, expanding its impressive roster which already includes Australian clients Jack Miller, Toby Price, Jack Moir, Jack Doohan, Chaz Mostert & Will Brown. Owlpine Group LLC will also support notable names like Shane van Gisbergen in his NASCAR debut season, and Toby Price, Paul Weel, and Kellon Walsh in their endeavors in the SCORE International Championship and the Baja 1000.

Owlpine Group LLC is set to offer services including endorsements, contract negotiations, and social media management. With a focus on innovation and progress, the company is poised for further growth and development in the action sports industry.

Thoughts and insights from the team at Owlpine Group.