Toby Price set out to conquer the Truck Category of the 2017 Finke Desert Race in 2017 two weeks prior to the green light, sounds logical right?

Owlpine Group connected, recruited and aligned with a series of valued Major Sponsors for Toby’s Finke Race.

Fulcrum Suspensions, Penrite Oils, BFGoodrich, Blundstone, DGI Trading, Lancaster Motor Group, Mitsubishi Motors Australia, Sharps Earthmoving, Comiskey Mining Services, Milwaukee Tools, Gearwrench, Macnaught, King Shocks, Geiser Brothers, Hendry’s Performance, Engines and CRG Designs all jumped on-board with Owlpine Group for the challenge.

Owlpine Group completed an 8 week process in 8 days, which included the communication between the United States of America and Australian customs in the arrangement of air freighting the Geiser Brothers Trophy Truck to its final destination in Sydney.

Owlpine Group and Toby Price worked hand in hand to source the best of the best to revive the engine, and for a week straight the team operated on next to no sleep to get it ready for the Finke Desert Race.

Owlpine Group’s creative team ventured to the Northern Territory with Toby Price to capture and create content over the duration of the event for his Social Accounts and directly for his Sponsors use. Owlpine Group also covered Toby’s Public Relations for the announcement of his inclusion and the recap of his weekend in the red dirt.

The stories and content from the week are certainly memorable. Partners were delivered 100% licensed content on behalf of Owlpine Group and Toby Price which was inclusive of each of their investment packages.

“What an event! Thanks for all of the content and for pulling everything together, massive efforts from everyone at Owlpine Group and most appreciated.”

Tom Mathiesen – Marketing Manager

Bonus: Owlpine Group Creative produced a documentary of the somewhat impossible journey to the Finke Desert Race which was published on Toby Price’s personal YouTube Channel and was also distributed to partners for use.

We created the best opportunities for our creative team the access and freedom to a constant behind-the-scenes look through Toby Prices journey. 

“I’ve never felt so challenged nor so rewarded away from motorcycles in my entire life.”

Toby Price

In the end, we found that it was never really about winning the Finke Desert Race. Rather, it was about every step of the journey in overcoming what seemed impossible and the unforgettable stories made along the way. For Owlpine Group, it has become one of our preeminent examples of what Owlpine Group stands for a business.

Tastes like HF Protein. Smells like team spirit.