Owlpine Group were engaged by the iconic brand Woodstock Bourbon, owned by international beverage powerhouse Asahi, to bring to life and amplify their partnership with Supercars race team Tekno Autosports in 2017.

Woodstock Bourbon Supercar Build & Partnership Announcement

Woodstock Bourbon threw their full support behind Tekno Racing, backing the racing team as their major sponsor for the 2017 Virgin Australia Supercars Championship.

To announce Woodstock Bourbon’s partnership with Tekno Racing, Owlpine Group created a time-lapse build video over the course of a four week period to showcase the Number 19 Supercar machine being bought to life ahead of Round 1 of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship in Adelaide. 

Owlpine Group developed a Press Release in-house, to announce the news to Australian Media, Supercars Fans, Partners and Subscribers. The result was beyond what Woodstock Bourbon anticipated, reaching a number of mainstream media outlets and generating a significant amount of reach and hype within the social arena. 

Woodstock Bourbon Supercar Recap Videos & Digital Content Creation Owlpine Group captured a series of videos at the major Virgin Australia Supercars Championship rounds; Townsville 400, Sandown 500, Bathurst 1000, Gold Coast 600 and Newcastle 500 Supercar events.

Owlpine Group’s tailored recap videos featured Tekno Autosports driver Will Davison wrapping up his weekend on track, as well as the Pit Tours, Signings, Corporate Hospitality and more that Woodstock Bourbon staff and customers participated in over the race weekend. As well as producing these videos, we also published and monitored their performance.

On these race weekends, Owlpine Group also captured and published tailored digital content for Woodstock Bourbon which was published on Woodstock Bourbon’s Facebook Page.


Woodstock Bourbon Supercars Championship Recaps


Woodstock Bourbon Rebranding Livery Launch At the Townsville 400 round of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship Woodstock Bourbon released their new look livery in conjunction with the release of their newly rebranded brand identity and can design. Owlpine Group produced a thorough and engaging press release that announced the news!

When working within the Supercar arena it presents many challenges and tight timelines with many moving parts and tight television rights, Owlpine Group only had a couple of hours to complete and publish the short revealing video to match up with the press release, and this was cut down to a couple of minutes once we got to the Townsville circuit.

Owlpine Group’s creative team produced the video in just a couple of hours and received approval to publish it on all aligning platforms on the same day.

Woodstock Bourbon BWS In Store Promotional Videos

Woodstock Bourbon engaged Owlpine Group to capture and produce two competition videos over the course of the year, as Woodstock Bourbon gave away Supercar test drives and one of the last Australian Holden SS Commodores. For both competition videos there was 3 different versions, for potential entrants to enter via Social Media and two more for in stall BWS staff to promote the product, both general and detailed with POS information.

Will Davison gave us a hand delivering the message to Woodstock Bourbon customers/consumers and staff engaging them to participate. The content was layered with prize information, graphics on how to enter, subtitles, POS details, T&C’s and more. Owlpine Group also delivered a competition winner video from the test drives, showing the experiences that the winners had and their journey to the prize.

In addition to the competition videos, Owlpine Group also developed an Easy Roller product video for BWS staff, which differed from the regular mail-out information that other companies provide.

“If you’re looking for straightforward, hardworking strategic business partners, Owlpine fit the bill. Nothing is too difficult; Matty and Ainslie always go above and beyond to deliver creative solutions that come with high production quality. We are looking forward to continuing to work with them on future projects.”

Natalie Johnson – Brand Manager

3 Cars, 1 Track Viral Piece Owlpine Group developed a viral social piece for Woodstock Bourbon with Tekno Autosports machines, with a Supercar taking on a McLaren and a lunchbox legend (Woodstock Bourbon customer) in a Go-Kart.

We scouted a location, talent and oversaw the production from beginning to end in the planning, filming, production and publication.

Come the conclusion of 2017 we were completely devastated to accomplish all deliverables set out from Woodstock Bourbon because their refreshments were so damn good, in saying that we’re more than ready to do it all again! (Rubber wrists)

We often check the surf knowing it is already dead flat. 🙄