We’re not going to lie – when our friends at BFGoodrich Australia approached us to create a Marketing Campaign for their all-new KM3 Mud Terrain Tyre we were pretty damn psyched.


The Escape With Us Campaign was developed to position the next generation of BFGoodrich Tyres as a way for their users to escape their daily grind and enjoy their Outdoor Passions.

BFGoodrich Australia has a heavy footprint within the extreme outdoor realm which was established the moment they aligned with some of the biggest names in Action Sports. 

Establishing these partnerships gave BFGoodrich the opportunity to grow with each ambassador and obtain true knowledge of their passions away from their professions.

Off-Road Racing, Surfing, Fishing, SXS, Overlanding, Touring plus a swag of activities that releases those feel-good vibes.

With all the gentlemen at the top of their game in their respective professions, The Escape with Us Campaign showed that they can all work hard and play harder with the BFGoodrich KM3 Tyre.

Each Ambassador had their own 30-second clip displaying their perfect escape, with a 1-minute compile tying them all together.

Owlpine Group worked with BFGoodrich Australia and their Brand Ambassadors to showcase just exactly what their passions are whilst extracting their energy and submitting it to nomads all over the world through tailored visual storytelling.

Owlpine Group established detailed storyboards prior to capturing content on location, giving BFGoodrich the reassurance that their campaign was going to be projected in a way they knew would succeed.

The Escape With Us Campaign was a given strong identity by creating its own logo which was showcased throughout the campaign, connecting all relatable content from the campaign directly to BFGoodrich.

We are pretty stoked with the final videos and a few other people were as well!



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“We are very proud of the Escape With Us Campaign, thank you Owlpine Group for all of your efforts in bringing it to life. We’re looking forward to working with you on future projects!”


Claudia De Rose – Operational Marketing Manager

Shoutout to Deadborns for licensing us their music! 🎸