Owlpine Group is proud to welcome Tyler Bereman

Tyler Bereman is synonymous with motorcycling, with his relentless dedication and passion for the craft ensuring that the blonde-haired, carefree Californian will be etched firmly into the narrative of two-wheeling as a pivotal character.

As a third-generation flat tracker, Tyler’s story begins well before he stepped foot on Earth, with his family ripping the local circuit, mixing gas and hauling ass during the 20th-century scrambler era of America. With this ethos firmly intertwined in the family DNA, Tyler arrived with an immediate desire to let it rip on two wheels, and the rest is history.

From an amateur motocross career racing around the typical US circuit, Tyler put himself on the map at the 2010 edition of the coveted Loretta Lynn’s amateur national, claiming the College B/C title, along with a top-ten placing in the ultra-competitive 250B Mod class, each of which provided a springboard to a professional career.

It’s no secret that racing professionally requires a singular focus on the goal of being a faster racer, with everything else in life—let alone motorcycles—taking a necessary back seat in this unidimensional pursuit. For some, this suits; for Tyler, it didn’t.

The pure breadth of what motorcycling could offer called to the Californian, who traded in the racing dream early in his career, intent on carving his own path, which was quite literally realized through the revival of freeriding.

Freeriders see the world as their canvas, their playground, with obstacles to be uncovered and discovered, or built into what their imagination sees well before it’s a physical product. The thing was, at the time, this wasn’t a financially viable industry. It wasn’t until Tyler and a bunch of like-minded misfits built a door and proceeded to kick it down, opening a pathway for a wave of talent who quickly followed suit, wanting to test the limits of what was possible.

And so the story goes, with Red Bull Imagination the most recent representation of this art form, where riders can be themselves, represent themselves, and paint their unique picture on the world without the constraints of traditional competition. Couple this with a cabinet of X-Games medals, and Tyler has established himself as one of the gnarliest motorcyclists on the planet.

A close friend of Owlpine Group, Tyler and OG had always been close, and when the opportunity arose for the partnership, there was no hesitation as both parties shared the collective vision of aiming towards the sky.

For Tyler, there are no guardrails. The only requirement is good times and a continued vision of doing what he does best: representing motorcycles.

Here’s to now and beyond. We’re stoked to have you, Tyler!

Thoughts and insights from the team at Owlpine Group.