Jack Moir is one of the newest additions to joins YT Industries - YT MOB, in a multi-year agreement! 🤝

"I love what YT has built. They're not like other brands and remind me of what mountain biking is all about... Good Times! They've created an enduro program that offers the team all the support we need from every possible angle. We even have the freedom to choose our components, so we can use whatever parts we feel maximise our potential!"

Jack Moir is one of the newest additions to the YT Mob which until 2021, was the brand’s race division, but there’s been a shift in focus. This time around it’s more than just a race team—2023 marks a new chapter for them and their ambassadors who will all be flying under one banner: The YT MOB!

From freeride to slopestyle and enduro to downhill (and everything in between), this diverse approach will see YT drive progression across all reaches, bringing their signature blend of Good Times along for the ride.

Thoughts and insights from the team at Owlpine Group.

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