Toby Price Finke Desert Double

Toby Price had unfinished business with the Finke Desert Race and was desperate to return to the Red Centre to conquer the Finke Desert Double in 2018.

Every year in the Red Centre of Australia, Toby Price joins hundreds of fellow competitors for the most brutal off-road race in the country, the Finke Desert Race. But this year Toby set out to achieve what no one ever has accomplished, to win the Finke Desert Race on both two and four wheels in the same race.

Owlpine Group worked alongside Toby every step of the way to bring this incredible project to life.

Owlpine Group connected, recruited and aligned sponsors, organised all logistics, completed the production and sale of Toby’s Merchandise, produced the videography, imagery, press releases and captured dedicated content for Toby’s valued sponsors.

Red Bull, KTM Racing, Mitsubishi Motors Australia, Fulcrum Suspensions, BF Goodrich, Can-Am, Macnaught, Patriot Campers, DGI Trading, Comiskey Mining Services, KMC Wheels, Gearwrench, CRG Designs, Milwaukee Tools, KRE Race Engines, Geiser Brothers and Desert Palms Alice Springs were all presented with the opportunity to work with Owlpine Group and join Toby’s crusade.

Owlpine Group sourced the necessary local and international talent required to attempt the Finke Desert Double, including our in-house team of creatives that delivered all content requirements from Toby’s partnerships.

Owlpine Group ensured that Toby’s Geiser Brothers Trophy Truck was prepared and wrapped by the best, CRG Designs, at Tekno Performance prior to our Hino Australia 500 Series Wide Cab and Patriot Camper leaving the Gold Coast for the journey to Alice Springs.

We organised all logistics around getting our talented Toby Price Motorsport Team from places such as Los Angeles, Gold Coast, Mackay, Brisbane and Singleton, into Alice Springs. Owlpine Group managed all flights, Mitsubishi Motors support vehicles, transfers and local accommodation for the whole crew.

A big part of Toby’s Desert Double was his Merchandise, in which he shared with Finke fans and locals during the Thursday Night Street Party prior to the event. We developed exclusive designs for the event as well as re-prints of some of Toby’s classics; moving over 3,000 tees, hoodies, hats and accessories.

Owlpine Group’s videographers and photographers were engaged to create tailored content for Toby’s valued partners whilst keeping them updated with our real-time Press Releases.

We also produced a documentary of Toby’s second attempt at the Finke Desert Double, in which enabled cherished partners to distribute and share through Toby’s Youtube Channel.

Owlpine Group content creator Brett Hemmings won the CAMS Motor Photograph of the Year! The shot of Toby Price driving through the Red Centre of Australia at the Finke Desert Race was revealed as the category winner at the 2018 Awards Night.

In what was dubbed the Iron Man Class, Toby would begin Day 1 in his Trophy Truck racing 250kms from Alice Springs to the small town of Aputula (Finke). We utilised a helicopter to follow Toby down the Finke Track to pick him up in case the truck broke down, so he could get back to the start in time for the bike leg. We also had a chartered plane waiting at the end of the track to bring Toby back to the start line to then take on the Bike leg on the same track all over again.

Toby ended up claiming his 6th Finke Desert Race Win on the bike, breaking the all-time record for the number of wins by a single rider! Unfortunately while running 2nd in his Trophy Truck a broken Power Steering Pump stopped Toby before the finish line.

The Documentary made it to the Virgin Australia In Flight Entertainment system! We are excited to see it reach such an established platform and can’t wait to see how many people have watched it above 30,000 feet.

This was one hell of a ride, thank you for trusting us with this huge task Toby Price.

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