Owlpine Group teamed up with Jase to give future Gypsy’s the confidence to move mountains.

Jase’s persona is what lead him to travel the world and be shaped into one extraordinary human being. Our brand for the highly-energized Gypsy is a personal badge for all his journeys, most importantly of which is his Identity.

Jase’s journey as a Gypsy began in 2008, leaving his home town of Cairns in search of media stardom in the United States of America. The likable Gypsy spent the next 10 years visual storytelling and interviewing some of the top athletes across a number of areas of professional entities.

Owlpine Group were tasked with the opportunity to create the Gypsy Tales identity, which required a thorough exploration into the culture of the Jase and his goals with the podcast before it was even brought to life.

The Gypsy Tales website was designed internally by Owlpine Group with the goal of providing listeners with an easy to navigate destination to experience the brand and venture through their own journey in getting to know Jase in with existing podcasts and additional information.

“It was clear from the first conversation with the team at Owlpine Group, that they totally understood the vision I had for Gypsy Tales. So many times in business you struggle to convey the vision you have when you first undertake a new project. After that first meeting, we hit the ground running… Owlpine Group got to work on creating a website that showcased the visual aspect of the podcast and created photo assets that were used to create an overall brand guide that was then shot out to sponsors. So many creatives in the podcast world struggle to monetize their projects, but this was not the case with Gypsy Tales. Because of the work Owlpine Group did, we were able to present a well rounded brand to advertisers almost instantly and start to generate income.”

Jase Macalpine – Founder

Gypsy Tales podcasts have since surpassed any expectations, reaching more than 200,000 downloads and now aligning with numerous partnerships to leverage their brands on Jase’s platforms.

As a business, we’re extremely appreciative of the clients we represent. During the early periods of the Gypsy Tale journey, our clients were the first to feature on the Gypsy’s podcast.

Each of the clients’ podcasts was leveraged strategically through their social channels reaching the masses. 

With the podcast continuing to shoot up the  Charts, we can’t wait to align another one of our cherished athletes with Gypsy Tales, and continue to strengthen our ongoing relationship with Australia’s very own Gypsy.

“There’s a real appreciation for the way Gypsy Tales structures there podcast. Host, Jase makes it so easy to talk about not only my professional career, but my home life as well. I rate that.”

Harley Clifford – 7 x World Champion Wakeboarder

Lunch is on us. 🤤